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Devin attends hundreds of high school and club games every year and provides detailed and unbiased reports to college coaches and constructive feedback to players and families who inquire about their child's basketball skill. Devin is widely considered one of the best talent evaluators in the country and has had hundreds of schools from Division 1 to NAIA Subscribe to his scouting service.


Devin began his coaching career at Fullerton Junior College in 2020. As an assistant at FJC, Devin has coached in 62 games and tallied a 57-5 overall record in those contests, including a 2023 CCCAA State Championship. Devin's primary responsibilities at Fullerton are: opponent personnel reports, implementation of offensive concepts and recruiting.

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Devin runs high school team showcases and individual skills/exposure camps in the Southern California area. Hoops By Ugland events are recognized as some of the most organized and well-run in the basketball sphere. Check out "Camps and Showcases" page for the latest details. The Skills Summit is known as one of the premier development camps in the region.


Hoops By Ugland is an approved scouting service through the NCAA. College subscribers can expect detailed, thoughtful and unbiased information. Devin is known for his relentless work ethic and ability to identify under-the-radar talent and project that talent to the proper school and level of play. In addition to his skill evaluation and projection, Devin's experience as a coach provides another layer of expertise.

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“There are a lot of ‘media members’ and ‘scouts’ in the world of high school, grassroots, and college basketball. But very few of those can write crisply and grammatically sound, and scout and evaluate basketball players on any level while offering quality insight to what a player is and what he can be. Devin Ugland is on the very short list of those – anywhere – who succinctly combines those talents.”

Frank Burlison, Burlsion On Basketball, USBWA Hall of Fame


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